Clearwater Analytics
User Conference 2019​​​​​​​

Clearwater Analytics is a fin-tech company located in Boise, Idaho. Every year they host their annual user conference where clients and prospects can learn more about Clearwater's solution, new advancements in their industry, and can collaborate with their team. 

Our creative team worked hard to elevate what had previously been done for Clearwater's user conference. The theme decided upon was 'Growing Together' which reflected the massive changes Clearwater has experienced this last year — new global offices, a new CEO, and a giant increase in employee head count. Clearwater wanted to say through this event that their success allows them to grow with their clients.  
Creative Team Members:
Ashley Sickles, Graphic Designer | Signage and promotion materials
Alyson McElwain, Graphic Designer | Signage and promotion materials
Derek Rudel, Web Designer | Website, app, and keynote
Spencer Marshall, Graphic Designer | Photo wall installation
Ryan Kincaid, Videographer | Digital signage, keynote, promotion videos 
Clara Gray, Graphic Designer | Digital signage, social media, signage, experiential 
Save the Date Mailer. Alyson McElwain
Formal Invitation. Ashley Sickles
Window timeline showing Clearwater's growth from 2004 to 2019 and beyond. Alyson McElwain
Floor dots throughout the conference guided attendees to the opposite side of the building where the lectures took place. Ashley Sickles 
Directional column wrap helped attendees navigate to specific rooms. Other signage showed where people could meet for their 1:1 meet-ups. There was decorative vinyl displayed on the escalators. Alyson McElwain (column) Ashley Sickles (1:1) Clara Gray (escalator)​​​​​​​
An example of easel signs which were used throughout the conference. Ashley Sickles ​​​​​​​
Large vinyl print at the building entrance. Ashley Sickles ​​​​​​​
Large cylinder sign. A digital slideshow near the escalator. Vinyl decals are displayed on the escalator panes. Ashley Sickles (hanging) Clara Gray (escalator, digital) 
Tabletop vinyl decals and notecards. Ashley Sickles & Derek Rudel
Keynote stage set up and video. Derek Rudel and Ryan Kincaid 
Informational digital signage. Ryan Kincaid and Clara Gray
Digital map and agenda. Ryan Kincaid and Clara Gray
Experiential Design
Volunteer t-shirts created for those helping clients navigate the conference. Clara Gray
Custom moleskin notebooks. Ashley Sickles
Photo Booth 
We created a photo booth installation in the middle of the conference. We had a formal headshot area for people to update their LinkedIn photos. We also created a foam-core wall which represents the Boise skyline and enhanced our 'Growing Together' theme. People were encouraged to take pictures with their teams and co-workers and it cultivated a fun element to the conference. 

Spencer Marshall, Clara Gray, Ryan Kincaid
Production photos of us building the wall shown below...
Vector illustration of the photo wall and 
Activity Branding
Clearwater also set up external activities for attendees to participate in. This included yoga, hiking, trolley tours, wine tours, and a BSU tailgate. Our creative team helped create branded signage and other materials for these events.
Yoga in the Grove Plaza. Clara Gray (athletic t-shirt) 
Reception at Boise Brewing Block
Custom cornhole boards. Ashley Sickles
Tailgate for Boise State University Game
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