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ABM Landing Page
Insurance ABM Landing page on tablet and mobile devices.
Full screenshot of the Enterprise Insurance ABM landing page.

Full screenshot of the Enterprise Insurance ABM landing page.

Clearwater Analytics is a rapidly growing SaaS software company which provides an investment accounting and reporting platform to institutional investors. 
As the sole Web Designer on the Marketing team, one of my primary roadmap projects was to design a landing page to support the account-based marketing (ABM) efforts for an enterprise sales team in the Insurance market.
The goal of this page is to serve as a landing pad for strategic communications with targeted accounts, but double as a way to connect to other bits of value.
We started by partnering with the sales team and some existing clients to determine what the most impactful information was during the sales cycle and identified a list of visitor needs.
Visitor Needs:
• A way to connect with the sales team
• Confidence in Clearwater
• Product information
• Industry resources
• Event information
The Solution
After several iterations, we produced responsive page with a custom single-page navigation which linked to each respective section. Once the design had been approved, I passed off my prototype files from Adobe XD to our development team to build out.
The ultimate goal was to engage contacts through a form fill, but also to provide them additional value through sections on their team, industry resources, product information, and insurance specific events.
This page is updated regularly to reflect changes in the industry and the growing sales team.
• High adoption rate and usage by the sales team
• 78 pageviews from release to year-end
• Average time on page of 4 minutes, 31 seconds

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