Anti-Racism Mobile App
Helping people learn, apply lessons, and contribute financially to become better anti-racists through daily delivery of short form video content and achievable exercises.
Woke App
Expert Design Review Grows Sales Pipeline by $1.2M+
An analytics audit and expert review of Clearwater's website user flow lead to strategic changes in the site's design yielding a 44% increase in organic demo requests, $240k in attributed campaign revenue, and $1.2M+ in the sales pipeline.
Clearwater Analytics
ABM Landing Page
I assisted the Marketing and Sales teams at Clearwater Analytics with launching a landing page to support the department's ABM efforts in the Insurance market.
Clearwater Analytics
Website + Strategy
SquarePlanet underwent a full marketing website overhaul along with the creation of an inbound content strategy to expand their reach and attract better leads.
Code of Content eGuide
As the Marketing Director, I created a downloadable eGuide to capture leads and share SquarePlanet's approach to Content Development.
StoryBank Mobile App
Our team aimed to create a concept app to help people capture thoughts, ideas, and stories to use in presentations.
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